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Madagascar Cloves

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'''The clove tree, botanically named ''Syzygium aromaticum L.'', is a member of the ''[ Myrtaceae]'' family of evergreen trees, which typically grows in humid tropical climate below 300m where there is no noticeable dry season. Whiel While clove proucion farming has existed in Madagascar since 1820, clove became a no1 number one cash-crop in Madagascar in 1930, providing an important contribition for Malagasy households , allowing farmers to supplement their incoming during shortfalls in food production.'''
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Clove originates from Maluku Island in Indonesia. Clove was imported to Europe already in the 7th century. Upon discovery of Maluku Island by the Portugese, the clove trade became monopolised by the Portugese until they were driven out by the Dutch in the early 17th century. The trade was thereafter controlled by the Dutch until Pierre Poivre smuggled seedlings of the clove tree out of the country while organising several expeditions on behalf of the French East India Company. Clove were consequently brought to Mauritius in 1770 and thereafter to La Reunion island. The first plants appeared in Madagascar on Sainte Marie island in the 1820s.

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