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This is an automatically updated list of news articles via Google News:

Madagascar lawmakers die after contracting coronavirus - Al Jazeera English
13-Jul-2020 19:23
Coronavirus: Why Madagascar is back under lockdown - The Africa Report
10-Jul-2020 16:44
Madagascar opens new treatment centers for COVID-19 - Anadolu Agency
10-Jul-2020 21:43
The World Will Lose Madagascar’s Lemurs Without Action - Gizmodo
10-Jul-2020 17:24
Madagascar reimposes lockdown in capital as coronavirus cases surge - CNN
06-Jul-2020 17:45
Madagascar remembers Guy Suzon Ramangason, a champion of protected areas -
09-Jul-2020 19:43
Madagascar Country Office: Covid-19 response (7 July 2020) - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
07-Jul-2020 00:00
After canoe chase, Madagascar authorities seize 144 endangered tortoises -
09-Jul-2020 12:00
Madagascar receives USD 2.13 million from African Risk Capacity Insurance Company Limited Policy for Drought Response - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
03-Jul-2020 07:00
In Madagascar's capital, pollution threatens an oasis for birds -
02-Jul-2020 07:00
Telma and Ericsson launch commercial 5G services in Madagascar - Ericsson
30-Jun-2020 07:00
Madagascar: Humanitarian Snapshot - June 2020 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
30-Jun-2020 07:00
Welcome to News - Football strikes its place in Madagascar -
09-Jul-2020 12:02
Message for US Citizens: Possible July 11 flight - US Embassy in Madagascar
07-Jul-2020 07:00
Miniature, insect-eating ancestor of dinosaurs unearthed in Madagascar - The Guardian
07-Jul-2020 12:08
Madagascar celebrates 60th independence anniversary - Anadolu Agency
26-Jun-2020 07:00
Madagascar Country Office: Covid-19 response (12 June 2020) - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
17-Jun-2020 07:00
MIA chocolate increases output and improves its environmental impact in Madagascar -
06-Jul-2020 13:10
In Madagascar's dry forests, COVID-19 sparks an intense, early fire season -
25-Jun-2020 07:00
GIEWS Country Brief: Madagascar 10-July-2020 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
10-Jul-2020 17:25
Madagascar experiments with ‘miracle cure’ as virus overwhelms hospitals -
30-Jun-2020 07:00
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in Madagascar 2014-2020 - Factsheet - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
06-Jul-2020 16:04
From Louisa to Lesotho to Madagascar, Service Tops Comfort for Alumna - UVA Today
22-Jun-2020 07:00
Madagascar Food Security Outlook, June 2020 to January 2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
01-Jul-2020 07:00
Madagascar: Heavy Rains, Floods and Landslides - Operation Update 1, n° MDRMG016 (22 June 2020) - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
22-Jun-2020 07:00
Madagascar unveils new domestic vehicle, eyes export market - Yahoo News
24-Jun-2020 07:00
The Grand Tour Madagascar special is arriving on Amazon Prime Video later this year - RadioTimes
07-Jul-2020 09:18
New Species of Diamond Frog Discovered in Remote Pocket of Madagascar - EcoWatch
18-Jun-2020 07:00
New Species of Diamond Frog Discovered in Madagascar | Biology -
16-Jun-2020 07:00
EURid Supports The “Water is Life” Project in Madagascar to Offset Its 2019 CO2 Emission and Reports a Successful Yearly EMAS Audit - Business Wire
25-Jun-2020 07:00
EIB provides US $39.3m loan to Madagascar for JIRAMA Water III project - Construction Review
27-Jun-2020 07:00
Madagascar : WeLight wires over 10000 people to cleaner, more affordable electricity - Ecofin Agency: Economic information from Africa
13-Jul-2020 16:14