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This is an automatically updated list of news articles via Google News:

Madagascar: Executive Director of Transparency International Initiative Madagascar summoned after denouncing corruption - Amnesty International
23-Nov-2022 17:48
Republic of Madagascar: Technical Assistance Report-Climate Macroeconomic Assessment Program - International Monetary Fund
16-Nov-2022 08:00
Charting a green, resilient, and inclusive development path for Madagascar - World Bank
18-Nov-2022 12:00
Charcoal and cattle correlate with Madagascar's megafaunal extinctions - Science Daily
22-Nov-2022 09:56
Best Luxury Hotels In Madagascar 2022 - The Luxury Editor
27-Nov-2022 21:11
Human population boom may have doomed Madagascar's giant animals - Science
04-Nov-2022 07:00
U.S. Africa Command Leader Visits Madagascar - US Embassy in Madagascar
11-Nov-2022 08:00
U.S. Advances Environmental Justice for Madagascar - US Embassy in Madagascar
22-Nov-2022 11:44
Digging for water in a Madagascar riverbed – DW – 11/19/2022 - DW (English)
19-Nov-2022 08:00
Madagascar's path to neutrino physics | symmetry magazine - Symmetry magazine
15-Nov-2022 08:00
New Project will Assess Climate Risk in Madagascar • Stimson Center - Stimson Center
10-Nov-2022 08:00
Social Safety Nets Relieve Poverty—and Hunger. Madagascar Needs More of Them - World Bank Group
31-Oct-2022 07:00
Climate change or politics? - Why Madagascar is going hungry – DW – 11/12/2022 - DW (English)
12-Nov-2022 08:00
Madagascar Jr. Roars into Wilton Children's Theater Production - Good Morning Wilton
16-Nov-2022 08:00
WFP Madagascar Country Brief, September 2022 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
13-Nov-2022 15:15
President Xi Jinping Exchanges Congratulatory Messages with Madagascar's President Andry Nirina Rajoelina on the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Madagascar - MFA China
06-Nov-2022 07:00
Air Madagascar is expected to operate an Embraer jet and a single Boeing 787 - Air Data News
31-Oct-2022 10:23
Republic of Madagascar: Second Review Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement and Request for Modification of Performance Criteria-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Republic of Madagascar - International Monetary Fund
23-Sep-2022 07:00
Madagascar Trilogy Heading to the Same Streaming Service in September -
29-Aug-2022 07:00
In Madagascar, Cattle Theft Is Lucrative, Violent and Hard to Address - World Politics Review
05-Aug-2022 07:00
Madagascar: UN expert to assess human rights of people with albinism - OHCHR
19-Sep-2022 07:00
In Madagascar, a tree-planting business goes long on social, short on eco -
10-Oct-2022 07:00
Administrative professionals launch innovative support network in Madagascar - State Magazine
18-Sep-2022 07:00
Father General in Madagascar – The first steps | The Society of Jesus - Jesuits Global
10-Oct-2022 07:00
DreamWorks’ ‘Madagascar the Musical Live!’ escapes to Rockford - WIFR
15-Aug-2022 07:00
Madagascar Key Message Update: Outcomes likely to deteriorate with the progression of the lean season if assistance does not continue, September 2022 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
14-Oct-2022 07:00
Madagascar: Combat dangerous myths and poverty to end attacks against people with albinism, says UN expert - OHCHR
03-Oct-2022 07:00
Eight new-to-science geckos described from biodiversity haven Madagascar -
15-Sep-2022 07:00
Madagascar - Grand Sud and Grand-Sud-est Flash Appeal, January 2021 - December 2022 (Revised in June 2022) - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
02-Sep-2022 07:00
Young people to fight impunity in Madagascar - OHCHR
29-Aug-2022 07:00
Crack-a-lackin’ cast set for B.L.T. production of “Madagascar Jr.” -
30-Jul-2022 07:00
It Takes a Village: Conservation and Research in Rural Madagascar - Duke University
14-Aug-2022 07:00