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This is an automatically updated list of news articles via Google News:

Vanilla Boom Means Sudden Wealth — And Unexpected Problems — In Madagascar : Goats and Soda - NPR
15-Sep-2019 11:00
French-owned STAR group commits to maize audit in Madagascar - Reuters
17-Sep-2019 18:08
Pope, on Madagascar visit, condemns clan culture of privilege, graft - Reuters
08-Sep-2019 07:00
South Africa: Madagascar joins Zambia in football boycott - CNN International
05-Sep-2019 07:00
Loss of Madagascar’s biodiversity is a loss for Earth, Pope says -
09-Sep-2019 07:00
Mother-daughter charity duo head back to Madagascar for summer school initiative - Times of Malta
22-Sep-2019 07:53
Madagascar forest destruction wiping out humans' tiniest relative - Reuters
06-Sep-2019 07:00
Mozambique/Madagascar: Pope's visit offers an opportunity to address human rights violations - Amnesty International
02-Sep-2019 07:00
Pope's ex-student to welcome his mentor to Madagascar quarry 'cathedral' - Reuters
02-Sep-2019 07:00
Madagascar no longer insisting on selling its seized rosewood, for now -
30-Aug-2019 07:00
Pope Francis begins his Apostolic Journey to Madagascar - Vatican News
06-Sep-2019 07:00
Pope warns Madagascar that deforestation threatens both people and planet - Angelus News
07-Sep-2019 07:00
Madagascar plane fall: Alana Cutland parents in fundraising bid - BBC News
17-Sep-2019 15:18
Pope in Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius: joy, hope and responsibility - Vatican News
10-Sep-2019 07:00
Madagascar: WFP helping fight malnutrition - Vatican News
05-Sep-2019 07:00
Frenchman Nicolas Dupuis signs new deal as Madagascar coach - BBC Sport
19-Sep-2019 13:16
Madagascar: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2019 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
27-Aug-2019 07:00
Madagascar: Plague (Epidemic) Emergency Plan of Action Final Report n° MDRMG013 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
29-Aug-2019 07:00
Warriors going for the jugular against Madagascar - New Era Live
20-Sep-2019 08:23
Mauritius and Madagascar boost garment manufacturing ties | Apparel Industry Analysis -
18-Sep-2019 13:40
'Move it, move it' to Wichita Theatre to see zany, entertaining 'Madagascar' - Times Record News
15-Sep-2019 19:25
Wesleyan Bruhns Scholar spends summer in Madagascar | News - WV News
19-Sep-2019 04:00
The anti-poverty project Pope Francis will visit in Madagascar - America Magazine
05-Sep-2019 07:00
City of hope rises from Madagascar garbage site - Phys.Org
06-Sep-2019 07:00
Full text: Pope Francis's in-flight press conference from Madagascar - Catholic Herald Online
11-Sep-2019 07:00
Pope Francis shined a light on the hopes and challenges in Madagascar, Catholic Relief Services says - America Magazine
11-Sep-2019 07:00
Pope brings hope to Madagascar, where 90 percent live below the poverty line - Crux: Covering all things Catholic
06-Sep-2019 07:00
Madagascar Food Security Outlook Update, August 2019 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
30-Aug-2019 07:00
Pope Francis visits Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius - America Magazine
04-Sep-2019 07:00
Pope condemns culture of privilege and corruption in Madagascar - The Irish Times
08-Sep-2019 07:00
Egypt exploits give Madagascar Ranking boost -
29-Aug-2019 07:00
Thousands in Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius gather to hear Pope Francis apply the message of the Gospel to their lives - Hawaii Catholic Herald
18-Sep-2019 11:55