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Le Lagon Blanc is not operating at the moment (as of end 2013)

Le Lagon Blanc is the name of a boat which operates day excursions to the beautiful Emerald Sea. The service is offered by the owners of the small beach restaurant Gargotte Le Lagon in Ramena.

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Day-trippers will sail on board Le Lagon Blanc with the experienced Sakalava Captain Michel and his crew to the Emerald Sea for a beautiful day in a large lagoon. The exact departure time in the morning from Ramena Beach depends on the tide. After a visit to the villages of Andovonkoko and Babaomby, Michel sails across the lagoon to Nosy Suarez for a picnic lunch on the beach. The waters around the island are full of sea life and ideal for snorkelling. With a bit of luck one may even catch an octopus.

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The location also offers perfect conditions for those who have already a good level of expertise in kitesurfing and windsurfing. Beautiful waves break along the coral reef about half a mile offshore Suarez Island.

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This boat trip can be booked for between 2 and 12 people. The price depends on the number of passengers, food and drinks. The average price p/person is about 40,000 Ariary. Additionally, an obligatory admission fee of 5,000 Ariary applies to all visitors of Suarez Island.

The trip can be organised by Martha at Gargotte Le Lagon. Martha can be reached via cellphone +261 (0)32 6595344 or email cadelfamoso@gmail.com.

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