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The small fishing village of Doany on the northwest coast of Madagascar is a popular beach destination for weekend visitors from Ambanja and the occasional tourists wishing to explore Madagascar beyond Nosy Be.

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Doany village and beach are three kilometres from Ankify where boat transfers connect Nosy Be with the mainland.

Accommodations in the village include Shambala directly on the beach which organises sailing and other watersports activities while Le Panoramique on the hill behind the village offers a beautiful ocean view from where one might spot the humpback whales on the horizon during their migration periods.

Other accommodation options include Les Jardins D'Ankify and simple rooms offered behind the Ravinala restaurant in the village centre which also serves daily fresh and delicious seafood and various Malagasy specialities.

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The construction of several holiday villas that dominate the buildings in the small village has transformed the area into more of a beach visitors' location than the sleepy fishing village it once was.

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As of 2024, prices for accommodation in the village range between 40,000 Ar and 200,000 Ar per night.

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