Diego Suarez to Ramena by bike

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Bike tour from Diego Suarez to the beach village Ramena. This tour is an easy one, following a road in almost good condition along the bay of Diego Suarez.

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Tour data

Day: 7th November 2018
Distance: 18.19 kilometres
Duration: 1 hours, 46 minutes
Average speed: 10.30 km/h
Minimum elevation: 10.97 metres
Maximum elevation: 61.26 metres
Total climb: 72.85 metres
Total descent: 103.94 metres

Places of interest

Diego Suarez centre
-12.2847491316, 49.2945974227

Thé kola - Madame Juliane
-12.297057, 49.298539

Turning direction Sakalava Bay
-12.283953, 49.359063

Entrance to Montagne des Français = French Mountain
-12.312146, 49.338136

-12.242415, 49.346639


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