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Beankora village is located about two kilometres inland at the southern end of the Masoala Peninsula in the northeast of Madagascar. The village lies along the path crossing the peninsula. In the centre of Beankora the path splits into three directions: south direction Masoala, east direction Antanambao and west direction Fampotabe.

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Beankora is quite a large village with a public primary school, various shops and countless children. Its inhabitants live from farming, cultivating rice and cloves.

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The name Beankora can be translated into "lots of shells" - be in Malagasy means much, many, numerous and ankora means shell.

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The next village direction northeast is Antanambao. The next village direction west is Ambodikily. To the south lies Cap Masoala.

GPS coordinates
S 15°57.245'
16m elevation


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