Marovato to Andranomandevy by bike

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Bike ride following the Sambirano River from Marovato to Andranomandevy in the Ambanja district in the northwest of Madagascar.

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Tour data

Day: 22nd October 2018
Distance: 24.30 kilometres
Duration: 5 hours, 19 minutes
Average speed: 4.51 km/h
Minimum elevation: 27.13 metres
Maximum elevation: 60.35 metres
Total climb: 73.15 metres
Total descent: 79.25 metres

Places of interest

EPI-BAR (shop & bar) named Pigeon Vert
-13.947110, 48.554842

-13.931378, 48.516719

-13.826253, 48.467874

Accommodation and restaurant Auberge Panoramique "Mahatsinjo"
-13.810881, 48.471675


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