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Marovato is a common name for villages in Madagascar. This Marovato refers to a village and commune in the Ambanja district.

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Marovato is located at the Sambirano River in the northwest of Madagascar. The village name can be translated into "many stones" - maro means "many" and vato means "stone".

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Entering the village from the north, there is a station of the National Gendarmerie responsible for land and road. About 100 metres from the village centre the Collège d'Enseignement Générale (College of General Education, CEG) can be found.

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For a chilled drink stop by at the EPI-BAR (shop & bar) named Pigeon Vert (Green Pigeon).

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GPS coordinates
Google: 13°56'49.6"S 48°33'17.4"E
Garmin: -13.947110, 48.554842


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