Madagascar Presidents

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Presidents of Madagascar

Andry Rajoelina Marc Ravalomanana Didier Ratsiraka Albert Zafy Guy Willy Razanamasy Didier Ratsiraka Gilles Andriamahazo Richard Ratsimandrava Gabriel Ramanantsoa

Madagascar has its own definition of democracy with regards to its leaders. This page summarises the political history of this remote country since its independence.

  • 18 May 1972: Philibert Tsiranana (Madagascar's 1st president) gives full powers to General Ramanantsoa.
  • 5 February 1975: General Gabriel Ramanantsoa gives full powers to Richard Ratsimandrava, who combines the functions of President of the Republic, Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense and Planning.
  • Night of 11 to 12 February 1975: After the assassination of Ratsimandrava, an executive military led by General Gilles Andriamahazo took power.
  • 15 June 1975: The Military Executive Board elects Didier Ratsiraka as head of the state.
  • 31 October 1991: Ratsiraka loses most of its powers to the Prime Minister of transition, Guy Willy Razanamasy. A series of strikes and daily orderly demonstrations resulted in the National Guard firing upon crowds in which an estimated 100 dies. Ratsiraka agrees to a referendum 1992/93.
  • 27 March 1993: Albert Zafy wins election but soon ran into trouble leading to his impeachment by the National Assembly.
  • 9 February 1997: Didier Ratsiraka resumes power after returning from exile in France.
  • 22 February 2002: Marc Ravalomanana is self-proclaimed President of the Republic following widely disputed election results and battle for control between Ratsiraka and Ravalomanana.
  • 17 March 2009: Marc Ravalomanana gives full powers to an Executive Military.
  • 17 March 2009: The Military Directory transfers the full powers to President Andry Rajoelina.

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