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Tsimbazaza is a zoological and botanical tropical park in the capital Antananarivo offering visitors who do not necessarily have time to visit Madagascar's natural environment a glimpse of the country's flora and fauna. Tsimbazaza, meaning where children are forbidden, was once a sacred place. The no children rule does no longer apply.

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The park route introduces visitors to examples of traditional houses of different ethnic groups in the country and various enclosures with animals unique to Madagascar. A museum exhibits relics, such as a skeleton of the Aepyornis maximus - the extinct elephant bird that once roamed the island. Several families of caged lemurs can be found along the route. A small group of lemurs living freely on an island can be observed from the shore of a small lake (as lemurs don't like water, they do not escape). The park is popular amongst locals for picnics. In the centre of the park, at Lake Tsimbazaza, there is a small garden restaurant.

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Knowledgeable guides at the entrance offer to accompany tourists, for which they expect a tip at the end of the walkthrough. A second restaurant as well as a souvenir shop can be found at the entrance. Entrance fees for Vazaha visitors is 10,000 Ariary (2012) and the park is open everyday between 9am and 5pm.

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