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Lake Ravelobe

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* [[African darter]]
* ''Ardea purpurea'' - [[Purple Heron]]
* [[''Actophilornis albinucha]] '' - [[Madagascan jacana]]
* ''Terpsiphone mutata'' - [[Madagascar paradise-flycatcher]]
* ''Dendrocygna viduata'' - [[White-faced whistling duck]] '''Legends about Lake Ravelobe'''<br><br>
=== Legends about Lake Ravelobe ===
Ravelobe was a Malagasy patriot who participated in World War II. Back home, he asked the French colonists to administrate the cantonment of Ambatoboeny, but his request was denied. He then formed a group of rebells in the ''garafantsy'' ("hill of thorns"). From there on, Ravelobe and his followers robbed travellers and bypassers.<br><br>

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