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Kartiffa Hotel

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'''The Kartiffa Hotel is a small hotel located in [[Diego Suarez]] (Antsiranana) in the north of Madagascar. In 2009, the former office building was completely renovated and now offers comfortable accommodation to customers guests who are looking for a quiet place to stay throughout their visit of Diego and its surrounding area.'''
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The hotel is named after the owner Toto's two children: Karl and Tiffany. The two-storeyed building offers wonderful views over the Diego Suarez Bay, the world's second largest natural bay. Kartiffa has a total of 12 standard rooms (51,000 Ariary per night) and 2 family suites (71,000 Ariary per night). Each room has air-conditioning and is equipped with a 4-poster bed with mosquito net, private bathroom with toilet and shower/bathtub, satellite TV and refrigerator. The rooms on the top floor have a balcony, the rooms on the ground floor have a small terrace with seating area.
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Additionally, there is a larger roofed terrace where meals and breakfast are served on request. Customers can also make use of the kitchen to prepare their own meals from fresh goods bought at the market. The building of a small swimming pool was in progress in November 2011.
Located close to the hotel is [[Joffre Square]], a popular meeting point for locals with views onto the harbour. Kartiffa is within short walking distance of to the tourist strip Rue Colbert with its many restaurants, bars and shops.
Tel: +261 (0)32 04 185 83(mobile)<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: []<br>
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