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Joffre Square

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'''Joffre Square is a popular viewpoint and meeting place amongst the people of [[Diego Suarez]], in the north of Madagascar. Overlooking the harbour, one can see [[Cap Diego]], a former military station, on the other side of the bay.'''
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''A sign next to the monument reads:''<br>
The statue of Marshal Joffre, built by the sculptor Raymond Sudre, was inaugurated
in October 1933 as a tribute to the marshal who, from 1899 to 1905, re-organised
Tombouctou 1894<br>
Diego Suarez 1903<br>
La Marne 1914<br><br> <googlemap version="0.9" lat="-12.270294" lon="49.292865" type="satellite" zoom="16" controls="large" style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">-12.268313, 49.28978Joffre Square - Diego Suarez</googlemap> [[mg:Toerana Joffre]]

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