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Kartiffa Hotel

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Additionally, there is a larger roofed terrace where meals and breakfast are served on request. Customers can also use the kitchen to prepare their own meals from the fresh goods bought at the market. The building of a small swimming pool was in progress in November 2011.
From the hotel it is very close to [[Joffre Sqare]], a popular meeting point for locals with views onto the harbour. It Kartiffa is only a in short walking distance to the tourist strip of Rue Colbert (Colbert Street) with its many restaurants, bars and shops.
Their are many things to discover around Diego Suarez. At the tour operator office ''Toto Circuits Diego'', Toto arranges tours with a 4x4 rental car with driver to [[Montagne d'Ambre National Park]], [[Red Tsingy]] and [[Ankarana National Park]]. He also offers boat tours to the [[Emerald Sea]] or the beach village of [[Ramena]].

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