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Anjahankely Tree Nursery

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The tree nursery which plants approximately 30,000 trees p/year is located in the village of [[Anjahankely]] and fulfils an essential role in protecting its nearby lemur habitat.
<HTML5video type="youtube">JnH6GQ4x0vECvoXLajrXGQ</HTML5video>
Trees planted include the endemic ''[[Rozana|Schizolaena viscosa]]'' species which with its yellow flowers between May and December provides a food source to the lemurs. ''Breonadia salicina'' and ''Intsia'' trees are also planted at river sources to protect the waterways while ''Albizia lebbeck'' is planted to improve the forage for grazing zebu livestock.
A visit Approximately two-thirds of the remaining Perrier's sifaka (''Propithecus perrieri'') live in the forests close to the tree nursery combined with a stay at . Other endangered lemur species in the wider Andrafiamena protected area include the [[Black Lemur CampAnkarana sportive lemur]] will indirectly help save the critically endangered black (''Lepilemur ankaranensis''), Amber Mountain fork-marked lemur (''Phaner electromontis''), Sanford's brown lemur (''Eulemur sanfordi''), [[Crowned lemur species as well as support ]] (''Eulemur coronatus'') and the local villagesAye-aye (''Daubentonia madagascariensis'').
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-12.913059" lon="49.31949" zoom="18" controls="large" style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">-12.913059, 49.31949[[ImageFile:Anjahankely_Tree_Nursery_018Black_Lemur_Camp_Sifaka_Circuit_002.jpg|left|150px|link=|link=|600px]]'''Anjahankely Tree Nursery centre'''<br>12°54'47.0"S 49°19'10.2"E</googlemap>
A visit to the tree nursery combined with a stay at [[Black Lemur Camp]] will indirectly help save the critically endangered ''[[Perrier's sifaka]]'' black lemur and other species. <div style="max-width:600px;">{{#display_map:-12.913059, 49.31949~[[File:Anjahankely_Tree_Nursery_018.jpg|left|150px|]]<br>'''Anjahankely Tree Nursery centre'''~~;|type=satellite|service=google|width=auto|height=400|zoom=18|controls=pan, zoom, type, scale|copycoords=yes}}</div> '''GPS coordinates:''' 12°54'47.0"S 49°19'10.2"E The tree nursery employs five full-time staff but during planting periods the whole community from surrounding villages participate in the tree planting reforestation activities. The Anjahanakely Tree Nursery project makes a perfectly good example of how conservation can best be done by actively engaging a local population.

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