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Allamanda Hotel

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The restaurant, Le Melville, has besides an inside seating area a large terrace overlooking the grand bay and [[Cap Diego]] which in all has room for 70 guests. Breakfast is served à la carte including freshly squeezed juices using seasonal fruits from the local marketplace, homemade jams and freshly baked pastries. Lunch and dinner offer a fixed menu, especially seafood specialties, with an always changing daily offer.  [[File:Allamanda_515.jpg|600px]] At the bar, guests can choose from a wide variety of [[Rhum_Arrangé|rum assortments]] or mixed cocktails made with fresh ingredients. The drinks can be enjoyed at the bar, by the poolside or on the pier stretching out into the ocean.
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* Guided tours by quad or 4x4.
* [[Montagne d'Ambre National Park]], famous for its waterfalls and crater lakes (35km from Diego Suarez).
* [[Madabike|Bike rentals]] with or without guide in and around Diego Suarez.
The French and English speaking reception staff at Allamanda are happy to assist you to arrange your activities.

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