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Madagascar Cloves

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By 1920/1930 Madagascar became a major producer and exporter of cloves and clove essential oil and is since the 1990s the world's leading exporter.
Clove production span along the east coast of Madagascar from Sambava to Fort Dauphin and especially throughout Analanjirofo (Malagasy for "clove-forest"), which makes up part of the Toamasina Province, including [[Tamatave]], [[Sainte Marie|Sainte Marie Island]] (Île Sainte-Marie), [[Mananara]] and [[Fenoarivo Atsinanana]] (Fénérive or Fénérive-Est) and the [[Soanierana Ivongo]] district. About 90% of Madagascar's clove production is concentrated around Mananara, Soanierana Ivongo and Fénérive Est.
The tree grows well in [ ferralitic] tropical soil and usually gets between 10 and 12 metres but can get as tall as 20 metres.

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