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Clinique Reine Marie

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Email: []<br><br>
* 1984 - 1990: Faculty of Medicine of Marseille
* 1975 - 1983: General medicine at the Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo<br><br>
''Professional Experienceexperience:''<br>
* Since May 2014: Head doctor and founder of Clinique Reine Marie
* Initial training in various hospitals in France:
Email: []<br><br>
* 2013: Certificate in Postgraduate Training on Pre-hospital Emergency (Association of Emergency Doctors of Madagascar - ''Association des Médecins Urgentistes de Madagascar - A.M.U.M'')
* 2006: Certificate on the Improvement of Practices and Quality Procedures in General Medicine (Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier - Nîmes - France)
* 1993: State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine (Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo)<br><br>
''Professional Experienceexperience:''<br>
* Currently (2017): Geriatrician at the Clinique Reine Marie in Antanimena (101 Antananarivo)
* 2010 - 2015: Head doctor at the Clinique Santé Plus Ivato (105 Ambohidratrimo)
Email: []<br><br>
* 2011: University Diploma in General Ultrasound
* 2009: Diploma in Specialiced Training in Obstetric Gynecology
* 2004: Doctorate in Medicine (Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo)<br><br>
''Professional Experienceexperience:''<br>
* 2009 - 2017: Hospital practitioner
* 2009 - 2012: Maternity University Hospital of Gynecology in Befelatanana (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Gynécologie Obstétrique de Befelatanana - CHUGOB)
* 2009 - 20122017: [ Marie Stopes Madagascar]<br><br>
Languages: Malagasy (first language) - French (fluent) - English (intermediate)<br>
Tel: +261 (0)34 20239 72 / +261 (0)20 24 239 72 / +261 (0)34 03 976 15 (secretary) / +261 (0)33 11 041 15 (direct)
Email: []/ [] Dr Mall receives patients at Clinique Reine Marie (Antanimena) or [[Cabinet Médical et Dentaire Ivandry|Cabinet Médical et Dentaire d’Ivandry]].
Member of Madagascar's National Association of Physicians (''l’Ordre National des Médecins de Madagascar'').
''Further studies:''
* 2010 : Pain Management, [ Club Douleur Afrique]* 2010 : Antibiotherapy ("Power to Cure") training program, [ Sanofi-Aventis]* 2008 : Training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support
''Professional experience:''
** Nutrition and Diabetology, Bretonneau Hospital - Tours, France
* 2003: Doctor with the ''Top Network-PSI Madagascar'' network for reproductive health of adolescents.* 1996 to - 2000, private : Private General Practitionerin Antananarivo. Attending physician in a centre for emergencies, providing treatments to patients care and medical consultations in emergency and care centresAntananarivo. Practicing Internist in a private clinic in [[Antananarivo]].
* 1995: Volunteer Physician at the Department of Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases - ''[ CHU Antananarivo]'' (University Hospital of Antananarivo).
''Areas of interest:''
* Member of the ''Conseil National de la Formation Médicale Continue'' in Madagascar since 2012 (Continuing medical education (CMEMedical Education) in Madagascar:
Member * Founding member, leading committee member, treasurer of the '''Conseil National de la Formation Médicale Continue''' since 2012. <!--(Council of Continuing Medical Education).--> ''Les Confrères De Mada'' (''The Colleagues of Mada''): Founding member, leading committee member, treasurer. Association ; an association of doctors, pharmacists and surgeon dentists, dental surgeons working for continuing medical education (CME) and medical information in Madagascar since 2003.
''Humanitarian health care:''
* Representative doctor of the '''Médecins de l'Océan Indien''' (M.O.I) in Madagascar, formerly '''Association Sanitaire de la Réunion''', an organisation working in the field of health, participating in medical missions in Madagascar and throughout the Indian Ocean region since 2004.
''Professional associations:''
* Member of the "''Union of Physicians in Liberal Exercise '' (UML) and founding . Founding member and treasurer of the "''Association des Médecins en Exercice Exercise Libéral" '' (AMEL) from 1996 to 1999.
* Defence football player in the ''l’A.S Saint Michel - Amparibe'' veterans team . Long distance runningAthletics''Languages: long distance running''
* Malagasy (first language) -French (fluent) ---English (intermediate)
== Where to find Clinique Reine Marie is centrally located near the [[Soarano Train Station]] and [[Independence Avenue]].==
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-18.897659" lon="47.517336" zoom="16" controls="large" style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">
Clinique Reine Marie is centrally located near the [[Soarano Train Station]] and [[Independence Avenue]]. The clinic offers a free WiFi connection to patients while waiting for their appointment.
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