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[[File:Antalaha 11.jpg|600px]]
Antalaha can be reached by land, sea or air. The quickest and maybe most comfortable way of transport is by plane. Antalaha has an airport about ten kilometres out of town which is served irregularly by [[Air Madagascar]] and which can be used by [[Private Charter Flights|private air charters]].<!-- how often do planes land?--> A tarred road in good condition connects Antalaha with [[Sambava]] in the north.  {| class="imageTable"|-|colspan="3" | [[File:Antalaha 015.jpg|600px]]|-|[[File:Antalaha 019.jpg|196px]]|align="center"|[[File:Antalaha 016.jpg|196px]]|align="right"|[[File:Antalaha 020.jpg|196px]]|-|} The 80 kilometres drive by [[taxi-brousse]] takes about 1½ hours. Other available and more adventurous routes are a 3-5 days hike across the [[Masoala peninsula]] starting from [[Maroantsetra]] or via [[Cap Est]]. Sometimes it is possible to get a lift on a cargo boat on the way to/from Maroantsetra, [[Sainte Marie]] or [[Toamasina]] (Tamatave). <!-- more details: how long, how often do boats go? -->
[[File:Antalaha 002.jpg|600px]]

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