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'''Madécasse is a chocolate brand sold wholesale and retail in US and Canada. Their chocolate is made and packaged in Madagascar and can therefore be considered a bean-to-bar of single origin cocoa chocolate brand.'''
[[File:Madecasse_0001Cinagra 122.jpg|600px|thumb|600px|none|Madécasse chocolate bar with 70% cocoaproduced at the [[Cinagra]] factory in [[Antananarivo]]]]
Almost all cocoa grown in Madgascar come from within an area with a 50-kilometre radius within the Sambirano region, along the Sambirano riverbed where annual floods enrich the nutrients of the soil. Unlike many other cocoa producing nations, Madagascan cocoa grown in this area can yield crop all year round.
Two former Peace Corps workers, Tim McCollum and Brett Beach, co-founded Madécasse in 2008 while working in Madagascar with an aim to benefit a local farming industry through a cooperative of 45 farmers.
Their chocolate was originally made and packaged by the [[Chocolaterie Robert]] factory in [[Antananarivo]] and is since 2009 produced by [[Cinagra]], Madagascar's second chocolate maker, also in Antananarivo.
In 2011, Madécasse was awarded one of ''[ 50 Most Innovative Companies]'' by ''[ Fast Company]'' - a media company which features unique business concepts and the individuals behind them in their printed and online publications.

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