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Tel: ++261 2075 340 01<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: N/A<br>
This small pleasant hotel has 16 solar-powered rooms and a restaurant. Guides can be organised at the reception for excursions to Pic Boby, the highest accessible mountain in Madagascar. The hotel is a regular overnight stopover for bus services passing through Ambalavao.<br clear="all">
'''Hôtel Tsienimparihy'''<br>
MG-303 Ambalavao<br>
Tel: ++261 2075 341 23<br>Email: N/A <!--Email: [ was]<br> email but address not working (03/2009) --><br>Website: N/A<br>
This hotel is overlooking the market place on one side and has a panoramic view of the picturesque lanscape on the other. Check in to into the big room on the top floor for the best view.<br clear="all"> [[Image:Trano_Gasy_Guesthouse_01.jpg|thumb|left|150px|Trano Gasy guesthouse]] '''Trano Gasy'''<br>Maison d'hôtes<br>Andringitra Lot II D 68 Bis<br>Ambalakajaha 303<br>Ambalavao, Madagascar<br>Tél : +(261) 331126427 or 331430678<br>Email: []<br>Website: []] Trano Gasy, meaning traditional Malagasy house, is a guesthouse in style of traditional housing of the [[Betsileo]], entirely made of materials from the country. It has eight quiet rooms overlooking the Andringitra National Park. '''Note:''' This guesthouse is located 45 km outide Ambalavao.
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