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Soavinandriamanitra Culture Park is a small, relatively unknown park near Ambohimanga. From the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga it is a 30 minutes walk along a dirt road to the park. Although the park seems a bit unremarkable, it is actually a place full of history.

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Back in the old times the location served as a refuge for King Andrianampoinimerina before taking power. Protected by three circular walls made of laterite brickstones not only Andrianampoinimerina felt save, although Queen Ranavalona I chose the place for storing gunpowder. Today the location is transformed into an ecotourism park to revive the place.

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In the park visitors can see various plants and animals home to Madagascar, as well as an "out of place" rabbit. Some of the animals are caged, such as chameleons, frogs, snakes and crocodiles. However, two families of lemurs live in the trees of the park and are willing to come down to the ground if fed with bananas or peanuts. Some of them even eat out of the hand which makes it a good opportunity to get a nice souvenir photo taken. The caretaker of the park will provide visitors with the small lemur snacks.

The park has no restaurant or shop, but a nice shaded picnic area under large trees.

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