Sambava to Antalaha to Cap Est to Ampanavoana by bike

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Sambava to Antalaha

Six to seven hours easy bike ride along a flat, good asphalt road, passing many small villages, coconut and vanilla plantations. The road follows the coastline, allowing now and then a glimpse of the ocean. At larger road crossings, small food stalls and street traders offer homecooked snacks, such a zebu brochettes, boiled eggs, seasonal fruits cut in pieces or in whole to passing travellers. Some of the offers may be a bit strange to some foreigners. So one should not be surprised facing a girl holding a bag of salted insects up. If hit by tiredness it is recommended to stop for a Thé-cola - a natural energy drink.

Villa Malaza - 2-storey guesthouse located at the beginning of Antalaha. Guests can either stay in one of the three garden bungalows or on the second floor of the main building. The owners Gisele and Alain live on the first floor. For those who need more exercise can do some workout in the gym on the ground floor. Others may want to make use of the excessie VHS and French book collection.
Room 40,000 Ariary/night. Tel: +261 (0)32 61 823 09 (mobile) / +261 (0)34 84 571 11 (mobile)

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Antalaha to Cap Est

First tarred road to the aiport and thereafter bumpy road with potholes turning into mudpools during the wet season (December - March). Be prepared to step off the bike countless times. Several river crossings with man-powered pirogues.

La Résidence du Cap - Formerly South African managed resort until abondonded after a third cyclon destroyed much of the property, leaving the bungalows in the hands of local management. Rita, an elderly former cruiseship chef, lives in the main building and doesn't fail to read the minds of the guests and to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. The hotel is located along a fine sand beach, 50 metres from the easternnmost point of the mainland of Madagascar. Gradual re-construction of the hotel is in the planning as January 2022.
Bungalow 30,000 Ariay/night. Tel: +261 (0)32 48 920 56 (mobile) To make sure room and dinner are prepared upon arrival, it is best to give Rita a call while on the bike ride.

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Cap Est to Ampanavoana

Very hard bike ride for the first ... kilometres with lots of rocky ups and downs, requiring stepping on and off countless times. Again, several river crossings of which some are perfectly bikeable board walks, others depend on muscle powered ferries. The last ... kilometres are perfect off-road trail biking, as long as it hasn't been raining too much.

Hotel ... - 8 bungalows located in the village centre, of which some are equipped with spring mattresses. Shared basic bucket shower and toilet in a separete building. Although the staff speaks neither English or French, they always seem to figure out what one wants. Marie, the manager, will prepare meals on demand. Part of the property is a shop and a bar. Bungalow 15,000 Ariary/night, Tel: +261 (0)34 82 460 84

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