Nosy Lava (Analalava)

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Nosy Lava, also known as Long Island, lies about 15km off the coast of Ananalava. The island is a former maximum security prison.

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A lighthouse built in 1910 stands on the highest point of the island with views of Nosy Saba to the north, Analalava to the east and the tip of Maromony to the south. Some tombs of Sakalava kings can also be found on the island.

It is said that some former inmates still live on the island where they have access to modern conveniences, such as electricity, which is not necessarily available on the mainland.

Prior authorisation is required to visit the Nosy Lava.

Note: There is another island also named Nosy Lava north of Nosy Be that is part of the Mitsio Archipelago.

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