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The Manjakamiadana Rova (also named Queen's Palace) is the landmark of Antananarivo. Situated at the top of Analamanga Hill, the rova clearly stands out in the skyline of Tana and can be seen from a far distance. From the 17th century to the 19th century the rova served as a residence for the kings and queens of the Merina kingdom.

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The original structure of the palace was made of wood, which was changed to stone on order of Queen Ranavalona II in 1869. In 1995 a fire almost completely destroyed the palace, sparing only the stone walls. Since 2005 the palace has been in a state of restoration, which depending on the political situation in the country stops now and then.

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Although the palace is still closed, the location is well worth a visit. Against a small fee, guides will take visitors along a 15-minute trail encircling the palace property whilst explaining the history of the location and various adjoining buildings. Due to its location, the palace offers great panoramic views onto the city and the Twelve Sacred Hills.

Note: Visitors are advised to keep an eye on their belongings as pickpocketing is commonplace in this area.

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