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Mananjary is a coastal town and region within the Fianarantsoa province of Madagascar. The Mananjary river flows into the ocean close to town. The population in the Mananjary region in 2001 was 233,679.

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There are nine Antambahoaka clans living in and around Mananjary, which make up the smallest tribal group in Madagascar. Approximately every seven years the clans gather in the town for a week-long mass-circumcision ceremony called sambatra. Various Malagasy traditions are then performed, such as zebu sacrification, whereby one zebu is killed for each clan. The last sambatra event took place in October 2007, the next is scheduled around October 2014.

There is a popular nightclub in town the called Palace Nightclub.

At weekends a lively fish market event takes place at the mouth of the river when the fishermen sell their catch from their pirogues they pull up on the shore.

Mananjary can be reached by road via Ranomafana or via a domestic airport served by Air Madagascar flights once or twice monthly. Mananjary lies along the southern part of the Pangalanes Canal, which runs from Toamasina (Tamatave) in the north through to Farafangana in the south, a distance of about 600km, making it the longest man-made waterway in the world.


Vahiny Lodge (La Plantation) (11 bungalows)
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Vahiny Lodge has a swimming pool, a good restaurant and a spice plantation.

Hôtel Jardin de la Mer (7 bungalows)
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Sorafa Hotel (5 bungalows, 10 rooms)
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Boat trips on the Pangalanes canal can be arranged at Sorafa Hotel.

Chez Yvonna
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Chez Stenny (3 rooms, 4 bungalows)
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Hotel des Bons Amis

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