La Reine d'Ankarana

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La Reine d'Ankarana is a hotel and restaurant located in the centre of Anivorano du Nord in the north of Madagascar. The hotel has been renovated in 2017 and is surely the best accommodation in town.

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La Reine d'Ankarana has ten basic rooms equipped with a double bed and private bathroom. There is a restaurant in the main building as well as a roofed terrace. The manager Karl has a big passion for baking and cooking and likes to surprise his guests with culinary creations. The menu offers traditional Malagasy as well as international meals.

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In walking distance from town, there is the sacred Lac Antagnavo.

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La Reine d'Ankarana
Hotel & Restaurant
Anivorano du Nord

Tel: +261 (0)32 67 316 79

Geographic coordinates
12.743533S 49.233591E

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