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Very few farmers in Madagascar spray their crops with pesticides. As such, most fruits and vegetables sold in marketplaces throughout the country are organic by default. However, for those who need added assurance, La Ferme d'Ivato produce, package and sell premium-priced organic fruits and vegetables to a relatively well-off clientele in and around Antananarivo.

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La Ferme d'Ivato is located close to Ivato International Airport. Their products also sold to various upmarket restaurants. Besides fruits and vegetables, there are also chickens, ducks and rabbits. For day or overnight visitor,s there is a bungalow, restaurant, cafe and a mountain bike hire service. The business is part of Le Combava, a hotel between the airport and the capital.

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Coordinates: S 18°46.818' E 047°27.654'
Altitude: 1,285m


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