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Kimony Beach, also known as Kimuni Beach, is a nice long stretch of sandy beach just seven kilometres north of Morondava. Near the airport of Morondava, a red sand road diverts from the main street and leads through fields and palm groves. After about five kilometres the sand road turns into an old cobble stoned road, passing a large open plain with mangroves. The scenery is like something out of Africa where one might expect lions or zebras passing in the distance.

Kimony Beach near Morondava

Walking from Morondava to Kimony Beach takes about 2.5 hours with views of beautiful nature. There is little shade during this walk, so starting early morning guarantees that one does not overheat in the strong sun. It is also possible to walk from town along the beach or take a taxi.

Sand road to Kimony Beach
Sand road to Kimony Beach
Sand road to Kimony Beach
Old bridge
Young man along the way
Green vegetation along the way
Old cobble stoned road
On the way to Morondava
Old cobble stoned road

Kimony Beach is a very deserted beach. There is just one small village nearby, but no shops or restaurants. Fishermen come and go in their pirogues, whilst their wifes and kids await their return in the shade of the few bushes along the beach.

Until recently, visitors could stay at the hotel "Le Domaine des Baobabs". However, a conflict between the two French hotel onwers and partners resulted in the hotel being shut down and abandoned. Nature has now taken its toll on the property and filled the unnecessary swimming pool with sand.

Update 2012: A 5-hectare resort named Kimony Resort comprising 30 wooden bungalows has now opened on Kimony Beach.

Small village at the beach
Village entrance
Small village at the beach
Bridge to Kimony Beach
Hotel Le Domaine des Baobabs
Hotel Le Domaine des Baobabs
View to the south
Locals on the beach
View to the north

Kimony Beach is a great place to spend a day. Just bring some water, food and fresh fruits from the market place in Morondava - and if you are a vazaha plenty of sun lotion.

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