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KOSAMA, short for Kooperativa Sambirano Manongalaza, is a cooperative of smallholder cacao farmers along Sambirano in northwest Madagascar.

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The approximately 100 members follow tradition and all-organic cacao cultivation, fermentation and processing methods.

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KOSAMA's organically certified cacao beans are supplied to artisanal chocolatiers such as Éka Chocolate among other premium bean-to-bar chocolate producers.

Alphonse, the President of the cooperative, manages a 4-hectare cacao planting area around KOSAMA's processing facility.

The cooperative welcomes visitors who would like to learn about cacao cultivation and production.

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The processing facility is located about 1km from the village of Ambohimena between Ambanja and Ankify.

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Since 2024, KOSAMA produces cacao powder at its facility in Ambohimena.

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For further information, contact:
Kooperativa Sambirano Manongalaza

Tel: +261 (0)32 11 079 61

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