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Jean Emile from Masoala Nature Guide is a certified Masoala National Park guide based in Maroantsetra. He and his team accompany scientific expeditions, lead birding and nature tours throughout the park and organise trekking tours across and around the Masoala peninsula.

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Trekking from Maroantsetra to Cap Est with Masoala Nature Guide
(6 - 7 days)
Final destination is Antalaha

Trekking from Maroantsetra to Tampolo - Ambodiforaha - Masoala National Park
(8 days)
Including camping on Nosy Mangabe. Return to Maroantsetra by speed boat.


Masoala Nature Guide
Contact person: Jean Emile
Maroantsetra (512)

Email: or
Whatsapp: +261 (0)32 44 039 28
Tel: +261 (0)32 44 039 28

Website: and