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Florenilla is a farmer, producer and exporter of Madagascan vanilla since 2020, cultivating and preparing natural vanilla from the SAVA region in the northeast of the country.

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Products include vanilla beans, cuts, splits and powder for flavouring food and baking products, such as confectioneries, pastries, ice-creams, chocolates and beverages (coffees, teas...) as well as non-food uses where natural vanilla can enhance a product, such as soaps, perfumes, scented candles for living room areas, retail spaces, hotel receptions, spas etc.

At the top of the product range, ideal for cooking and home baking, Florenilla offers ready-to-retail Grade A gourmet quality vanilla pods which can be branded by the retailer or sold under the existing Florenilla brand worldwide.

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Organic certification by Ecocert
Florenilla is a certified producer of organic vanilla and licensed by the Madagascar Ministry of Trade & Crafts (www.mica.gov.mg) as an exporter of vanilla.

For further information, contact Joséphine RASOARIMANANA and Michaël ZARALAHY at josephine@florenilla.com and michael@florenilla.com or phone +261 34 27 222 02.

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