ANGAP becomes Madagascar National Parks

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Madagascar National Parks logo.jpg
New logo

Old logo

The National Association of Management of Protected Areas, ANGAP (Association National de Gestion des Aires Protégées) has changed name from ANGAP to Madagascar National Parks.

The slogan "For life" and a new logo represented by the catta lemur is part of a new identity of the association. At the press launch of the new name, held at the Hotel La Residence, the general director, Guy Suzon Ramangason said the rebranding will be accompanied by an advertising campaign. A short film broadcast on national parks is planned to be shown on Air Madagascar and possibly Air France long distance flights.

About 55% of tourists that come to Madagascar visit one or more of the protected national parks.

There will also be new parks managed by community associations or private enterprises. Madagascar currently has 47 protected areas acovering about 2 million hectares.