Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato by bike

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Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato and back is an approximately 50km bike ride through coconut and vanilla plantation and beautiful scenery the whole way.

Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato 001.jpg

The bike ride begins with a canoe crossing over a creek close to Sambava Centre and thereafter an about 10km stretch through coconut plantation. The price for the canoe crossing including a bike is between 1,000 Ar and 2,000 Ar.

Most of the route runs along a sandy but bikeable road often in the shade of coconut palms, first passing the village of Ampisasanala and thereafter Antongompahitra.

About 3km after, cross Bemarivo with a pirogue. The price for a boat including a bike is 2000 Ar.

Bemarivo 001.jpg

About 1km after the river crossing, pass through Bemanevika. Every Sunday there's a large market in the mornings, which is especially active during the vanilla growing season between March and August. Thereafter a flat sandy road and sometimes trail continues to Lake Ampasimbato, in which there reportedly are many crocodiles.

Tour data
Distance: 24.6km
Time: 4 hours, 24 minutes
Average speed: 5.6km p/hour
Minimum Elevation: 11 metres
Maximum Elevation: 20 metres
Total climb: 37 metres
Total descent: 22 metres

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