Marofinaritra - Masoala coast

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The small village of Marofinaritra is located on the east coast of the Masoala Peninsula, about 500 metres inland from the sea. This Marofinaritra is not to be mistaken with the village of Marofinaritra located near Antalaha.

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The village name Marofinaritra can be translated with "lots of healthy" or "lots of happy". Maro in Malagasy means "many, lots" and finaritra means "well, happy, healthy".

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In the centre of the village there is a public primary school. Most of the villagers live from farming, some from fishing.

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The next village south of Marofinaritra is Ambodipont. However, there are a few houses before Ambodipont at S 15°42.890' E 50°20.900' which may or may not be an official village. The next village direction north of Marofinaritra is Ampanavoana.

GPS coordinates
S 15°42.112'
17m elevation


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