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{{wide image|Bezavona_pano2.jpg|1800px|Panorama image with the city in the middle}}
{{wide image|Bezavona_pano2.jpg|1800px|Panorama image with the city in the middle}}

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Fort-Dauphin, also known as Tôlanaro, is a charming and scenic and often windy portal town in southern Madagascar with approximately 43,000 inhabitants. The city offers a fairly wide range of hotels and the inhabitants are accustomed to tourism. There are excellent beaches complete with shipwrecks.


Anita Hotel


8 rooms and 6 bungalows. Located downtown, close the beach, bungalow and rooms equipped with TV, wifi, fan.

Rate: 23,000 Ariary / 35,000 Ariary (2014)

Contact: Ghina Josiane Aimée RABIAHARIMALALA / Pierrette RATIARIVELO
Email: anitahotel.restaurant@gmail.com

Tel: +261-(0)33 0304952)

Anita Hotel Annexe


Description: 6 bungalows with panoramic views of the lake and Ambinanibe sea. Popular amongst surfers.

Rate: 16,000 Ariary p/person (2014).

Contact: Ghina Josiane Aimée RABIAHARIMALALA / Pierrette RATIARIVELO
Email: anitahotel.restaurant@gmail.com

Tel: +261-(0)33 0304952



Hotel with 7 rooms in the city centre from 30,000 Ariary (2014)

Contact: Sirinebano H. RAZAFINDRASOA / Ehmadaly Goulamhoussen

Email: sahil.hotelfd@yahoo.fr

Tel: +261 (0)34 4046169 / +261 (0)331278449



16 spacious, quiet bungalows with shower and toilet, TV, lounge, safe, mini bar, ventilator. Hotel facilities includes a conference room.

Contact: Marie Rose TASOA
Email: robert.deriazy@moov.mg

Tel: +261-(0)32 2757623

Le Nepenthes


Located in the town \u200b\u200bcentre. Room rate: 52,000 Ariary. Bungalow rate: 47,000 Ariary.

Contact: Delphin ANDREAS

Tel: +261 (0)34 6083254

Email: nepentheshotel@yahoo.fr

Le Tournesol


Hotel with a panoramic view of Saint Louis peak, garden, close the town centre, rooms with TV, shower and bathroom, minibar. Conference facilities. Rate: 50,000

Contact: Liliane Arlette VAOHITA / Voahirana Anick MIZA

Tel: +261 (0)331 251316 / +261 (0)32 0262037

Email: vaohitarl@yahoo.fr

Ravinala Anosy


Close to the beach and town centre (1km), rooms with TV, hot water, fan. 1 family room. Rate: 40,000 Ariary.


Tel: +261 (0)33 1219765

Email: fravinalaclaris@yahoo.fr

Website: www.ravinala-anosy.com



Situated at the entrance of the lagoon and village of Evatraha, near to the Lokaro Bay and coast. Standard triple room, solar powered lighting, good fishing. Rate: 55,000 Ariary.

Contact: Patrice FLEURIE

Tel: +261 (0)32 0444431 / +261 (0)32 0566807

Email: fleurievoyage@gmail.com

Website: www.fleurie-voyage.com

Le Local


2 rooms, located close to Libanona beach, with hot water, playground, dry-cleaning service.

Contact: Georges AUTAKLI

Tel: +261 (0)32 4809738

Email: georgesliban@yahoo.fr



A town centre hotel and bar built in the 80s with 27 rooms, 3 bungalows as well as the "Hotel La Marina" annex with 25 rooms. There are standard rooms, suites and a studio with air conditioning, TV, wifi, hot water, mini bar, room safe, laundry service, conference room, Malagasy craft souvenirs.

Rate: 65,000 Ariary.

Contact: Yvonne PIARALY

Tel: +261 (0)34 0523147 / +261 (0)32 0523147

Email: reservation@hotel-lamarina.com

Website: www.hotel-lamarina.com

Tsara Fandray


4 rooms and 6 bungalows in a quiet area 2km from town the centre. Rate: 16,000 Ariary.

Contact: Blandine RASOAMANANJARA

Tel: +261 (0)331242856 / +261 (0)32 4326794

Email: rasoablandine@hotmail.fr

Mahovoky Annexe


Family hotel in the town centre with 5 rooms facing the sea and 4 rooms facing the road. Close to Air Madagasacar's local office, Bank of Africa, Air Fort Services and the beach at the old port. Rooms at 25,000 Ariary.

Contact: Hery Mbolatiana RANDRIA / Georges Tantely RANDRIA

Tel: +261 (0)34 2149380

Gina Village


10 holiday bungalows located close to the town centre and old port. Rate: 50,000 Ariary.

Contact: Viviane DEWA RAMJEE

Tel: +261 (0)34 1100188

Email: ginavillage@yahoo.fr

Le Port


15 bungalows the town centre 5 minutes from the beach. Some rooms have sea view and air condition or fan, TV, wifi, close to several bars and clubs.

Contact: Viviane DEWA RAMJEE

Tel: +261 (0)34 1100188 / +261 ()33 1100188



Rooms with terrace overlooking the sea with sunset, satellite TV, minibar, bathroom, air condition, room fan. Facilities include a boutique, Spa and a 25m swimming pool. Rates from \u20ac70.


Tel: +261 (0)32 0521235 / +261 (0)34 7137002 / +261 (0)34 0189448 / +261 (0)34 1121234

Email: contact@talinjoo.com / talinjoo@gmail.com / talinjoo@yahoo.com

Website: www.talinjoo.com

Nahampoana Reserve

8 rooms available to night visitors of the Nahampoana Park. Confortable rooms with private bathroom and shared terrace. Rate: 95,000 Ariary.

Contact: Haritina RAHARINOSY

Tel: +261 (0)34 6505353 / +261 (0)34 1121234

Email: airfortservice@yahoo.fr / airfort@moov.mg

Panorama image with the city in the middle
Panorama image with the city in the middle