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Anjozorobe is a town in Madagascar about 90 kilometres north-east of Antananarivo, located about 6 kilometres from the Anjozorobe Forest Corridor, one of the last high plateau forests in Madagascar.

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The population of Anjozorobe is about 60,000 and its economy is based on agriculture, rice, onions, tobacco.

Anjozorobe is also the name of a FANAMBY-run reserve about 10 kilometres from Antananarivo, where the forest begins its stretch for over 80 kilometres. The complete forest corridor covers an area of 52,200 hectares (other sources claim 66,500 hectares), where nine species of lemurs can be found including the Indri Indri, the Propithecus Diademed (Propithecus diadema) and the nocturnal Microcebe. Anjozorobe is rich in bird species, especially aquatic birds due to the regions waterways and the Mananara River. The reserve includes various hiking trails as well as a mountain-bike track.

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