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Anjanazana is a common name for villages in Madagascar, especially on the east coast. The Anjanazana desribed on this page is located inland on the southeastern part of the Masoala Peninsula. Villagers sustain a living from fishing and various acricultures, such as cloves and pinapples.

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Anjanazana stretches along a wide sandy road lined with well-built houses, various shops and small food stalls. The village has a primary public school, established in 1970, and a college of general education. Nearby there is also a hospital (Hopitaly Ambodisatrana). The village borders a protected forest area which extends to Ifaho Marine Reserve.

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The next village south of Anjanazana is Faleovan and the next village direction north is Ambodipont.

GPS coordinates
S 15°45.481'
17m elevation


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