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The small village of Ambodipont is the second village south of Ampanavoana in the eastern part of the Masoala Peninsula. The distance from the sea to Ambodipont is about one kilometre.

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A wide sandy road lined with coconut palms leads through the village. In the village centre there is a large shop selling a bit of everything, such as rice, drinks, sweets, soap, note-books, clothes and petrol. It is also the local bar where mostly men of the village spend much of their afternoons. Next to the shop are three bungalows offering basic accommodation.

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The people of Ambodipont live from farming (cloves) and fishing. Throughout the harvesting months of September/October the cloves are picked from the trees and thereafter tried on mats in the sunshine. When the sun hits the cloves, an intense scent of X-mas bakery is in the air. Large and delicious pineapples are plentiful.

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Ambodipont has a public primary school, established in February 2009.

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The next village south of Ambodipont is Anjanazana and the next village direction north is Marofinaritra. However, there are a few houses before Marofinaritra at S 15°42.890' E 50°20.900' which may or may not be an official village.

GPS coordinates
S 15°43.884'
20m elevation


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