Ambanja - Ankify - Doany - Ambanja by bike

Bike ride starting through the cocoa plantations behind the Hotel Palma Nova in Ambanja to Ankify harbour, thereafter to Doany and back to Ambanja.

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Tour data

Day: 15th October 2018
Distance: 52.14 kilometres
Duration: 8 hours, 11 minutes, and 27 seconds
Average speed: 6.44 km/h
Minimum elevation: 7.92 metres
Maximum elevation: 51.51 metres
Total climb: 255.11 metres
Total descent: 249.33 metres

Places of interest

Hotel Palma Nova
-13.677111, 48.447333

Beautiful spot within the cacao plantations
-13.641388, 48.430833

Beautiful spot within the cacao plantations
-13.647159, 48.438951

Police toll bar Ambohimena
-13.615929, 48.395251


Hotel Le Panoramique in Doany
-13.536992, 48.350950



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