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  • long stretched harbour village, boats coming from/going to Maroantsetra
  • located in a bay next to a river
  • vinany = the estuary of a river at the sea / vao = Malagasy name for a fish
  • many small shops and market stalls along the main road selling all kind of needy things (food, cloth, mobile phones, hardware, bike repair, farming, cooking utensils, liquor shops, ...)
  • Primary School

Vinanivao 040.jpg

  • very basic hotel and restaurant directly at the harbour
  • better hotel is a 10 min walk out of the village direction north along the road to Antalaha: 10 bungalows, shared cold water shower/toilet, 10,000 Ariary (2015)
  • from here transport via motorcycle available (moto rapid) - towards direction Antalaha, usually 3 people on one bike
  • small islands in the bay

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GPS coordinates
S 15°52.618'
17m elevation

Additional information