The Three Bays

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The Three Bays refers to three bays near Diego Suarez in the north of Madagascar, namely Baie des Dunes, Baie des Pigeons and Sakalava Bay. The three bays with their beautiful beaches are popular excursion destinations offered by tour operators, usually by 4x4 vehicles. All bays are connected by a sandy road as well as a foot path closer to the shore. Explorers who want to experience the sights of the scenery, the sound of the waves and birds can easily walk between the bays without guidance.

Baie des Dunes 009.jpg Baie des Pigeons 004.jpg Sakalava bay10.jpg
Baie des Dunes Baie des Pigeons Sakalava Bay

Trek from Ramena - The Three Bays - Ramena

Trek data

Distance: 19.63 kilometres
Duration: 6 hours, 33 minutes (allowing many breaks for swimming, admiring the ocean and visiting one of the restaurants at Sakalava Bay)
Average speed: 3.06 km/h
Minimum elevation: 0.61 metres
Maximum elevation: 63.09 metres
Total climb: 164.29 metres
Total descent: 168.25 metres