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Telma (Telecom Malagasy) is a national mobile phone and internet connection service provider in Madagascar, including fixed mobile internet access. In 2010 Telma launched MVola, a service to send and receive money transfers via the phone even for those who do not have bank accounts.

Telma 001.jpg
Telma 002.jpg Antananarivo 035.jpg Telma 003.jpg

Telma Fixed
Siège Social Alarobia
101 Antananarivo
B.P. 763
RC N° 2003 B 00894 Antananarivo
Tel: +261 (0)20 2542705

Telma Mobile
Siège Social Alarobia
101 Antananarivo
B.P. 13 Bis - RC Antananarivo N° 2006 B 00601
Tel: +261 (0)20 2542705

Customer service email:


MVola - Mobile Money
Siège social - Alarobia
BP 13Bis
Antananarivo 101

Tel (subscribers): 807
Tel (merchants): 803


Credit for Telma accounts can be recharded using the scratch cards which are sold everywhere. Using the codes on the scratch cards, Telma numbers can also be reacharged via the web at

Telma scratch cards.jpg

When recharge succeeded, the response will be "La ligne xxx a été rechargée de Ar. Telma vous remercie."

If failed, when using for example an already used number, the generic error message will be "technical operation failed – UCIP Error"

La ligne xxx a été rechargée de Ar. Telma vous remercie.

More information

  • Telma's mobile payment system