La Résidence du Rova

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'''La Residence Résidence du Rova is an apartment hotel located on one of the hilltops a hilltop in the Ambohitsara Ambohijatovo district overlooking the capital of Antananarivo, . The fully-equipped apartments are not far from the Queen's Palace, business and shopping districts of the capital and offers all the necessary conveniences for a short or long stay beyond a standard hotel accommodation.'''
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The 4-storeyed building offers a total of 14 rooms and apartments. There are three small apartments (43m<sup>2</sup>) and four large apartments (54m<sup>2</sup>), each featuring a bedroom with double bed, bathroom, separate toilet, living room with adjoining kitchen, minibar, safety box, satellite TV and Wifi. The four suites (76m<sup>2</sup>) have three rooms and a separate kitchen. {| class="imageTable"|-|colspan="3" | [[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_080.jpg|link=|600px]]|-|[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_064.jpg|link=|196px]]|align="center"|[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_081.jpg|link=|196px]]|align="right"|[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_095.jpg|link=|196px]]|-|} For guests who do not require a kitchen or balcony, there are three standard rooms (24m<sup>2</sup>) with en suite bathroom. Prices p/night (in 2019): 168,000 Ar for 43m<sup>2</sup> apartments, 193,800 Ar for 54m<sup>2</sup> apartments, 222,400 Ar for 76m<sup>2</sup> apartments, 120,000 Ar for 24m<sup>2</sup> rooms. {| class="imageTable"|-|colspan="3" | [[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_038.jpg|link=|600px]]|-|[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_018.jpg|link=|196px]]|align="center"|[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_044.jpg|link=|196px]]|align="right"|[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_020.jpg|link=|196px]]|-|} Breakfast is served in the rooms or in the breakfast salon with a terrace and view. While the apartments include fully equipped kitchens, eating out or having food delivered is always an option. A very nice restaurant within a 10-minute walking distance is [ Café du Musée], right next to [ Musée de la Photographie de Madagascar] (directions: Two highly recommended restaurants which offer deliveries are [[Le Rossini]] and [[Little India]]. [[File:La_Residence_du_Rova 032La_Residence_du_Rova_032.jpg|link=|600px]] <googlemap version="0.9" lat="-18.915147" lon="47.531754" type="satellite" zoom="18" controls="large" style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">-18.915177, 47.531877[[File:La_Residence_du_Rova_001.jpg|link=|220px]]</googlemap> For further information and reservations, contact Ms Sandra: [[File:La Residence du Rova_008.jpg|link=|250px|left]]
'''La Résidence du Rova'''<br>
Place Ratsimandrava<br>Ambohijatovo – BP 1469<br>101 Antananarivo<br>Madagascar Tel: +261 (0)20 22 341 46 or +261 (0)32 07 245 03 (mobile)<br>Fax: +261 (0)20 22 239 12 Email: []
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