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Preloaded GPS routes
'''Madabike are stable and lightweight mountain bikes available for rent in Madagascar with optional add-on side panniers and front box, GPS, tents and solar panels.''' {| class="imageTable"|-|colspan="3" | [[File:Madabike 001060.jpg|600px]]|-|[[File:Madabike 077.jpg|196px]]|align="center"|[[File:Madabike 075.jpg|196px]]|align="right"|[[File:Madabike 013.jpg|196px]]|-|}
The bikes are currently in [[Sambava]] and available to rent on a daily or weekly basis. For further information, call +261 (0)34 391 9376.
rechargable eneloop batteries
direct charge into solar
can also charge phone directly from solar unit
power banks
suitable for camera batteries, tables (ipad mini/pro etc.,)
<googlemap version== Tech specs == * ultralight triple butted aluminum frame 27.5"0* squared chainstays, gusset, S-bend seat stays* ROCKSHOX RECON Air* Shimano XT Shadow* Truvativ FIREX A3 crankset* hitech industrial bearing, hubs sealed eightfold* comfort seating position with very light stem* intelligent aluminum pedals (one-sided click option)* ergonomic sports saddle* very light suspension seatpost* Race TT Kevlar tires 27.95"* schrader valve* size: 18" lat=* 11.9kg<!--Gabel: Rock Shox Recon Air 100mm<br>Bremsen: (Shimano disc BR-M425)<br>Bremshebel: (Shimano disc BL-M425)<br>Schalthebel: Deore 9speed<br>Schaltwerk: XT shadow<br>Umwerfer: Shimano Deore<br>Kassette: <br>Kette: Shimano<br>Kurbelsatz: <br>Innenlager: Truvativ Gigapipe<br>Naben: Industrielager HiTech Formula 32L<br>Felgen: <br>Speichen: Edelstahl dd schwarz<br>Schläuche: Autoventil 27,5"<br>Reifen: Maxxis race TT 2.0 x 27,5<br>Sattel: PAKKA mit Seitenkantenschutz<br>Sattelstütze: light Kalloy gefedert<br>Steuersatz: Cane Creek A-18Head light 1 1/8<br>Vorbau: A-Head.7822891 1/8 Zoll ultralight Edelstahl hardware<br>Lenker: Alu mattschwarz superlight<br>Griffe: (Ritchey mushroom)<br>Pedal: Alu Klickoption<br>Gewicht: 11,9kg<br>Oberrohr: 568mm (20" lon=)<br>Kettenstrebe: 428mm<br>Radstand: 1079mm<br>Lenkwinkel: 71"47.460508<br>Sitzwinkel: 73" zoom=<br>Größen: 15"1518" width=100% controls=20"large22"--== Preloaded GPS routes == '''SAVA region'''* [[Sambava to Antalaha by bike|Sambava to Antalaha]] -1884.786311, 8 kilometres* [[Sambava-Ofaina-Sambava by bike|Sambava-Ofaina-Sambava]] - 78 kilometres* [[Sambava-Bemanevika-Sambava by bike|Sambava-Bemanevika-Sambava]] - 47.4685768 kilometresCroc Fun* [[Sambava to Bemanevika by bike|Sambava to Bemanevika]] - 30.7 kilometres* [[Bemanevika to Sambava by bike|Bemanevika to Sambava]] - 14.2#B2D9355Fkilometres* [[Vohemar to Sambava_by_bike|Vohemar to Sambava]] - 150 kilometres* [[Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato by bike|Sambava to Lake Ampasimbato to Sambava]] - 49 kilometres* [[Sambava-Ananborano-Sambava by bike|Sambava-Ananborano-Sambava]] - 93.4 kilometres* [[Sambava-Farahalana-Sambava by bike|Sambava-Farahalana-Sambava]] - 49.9 kilometres* [[Sambava-Ambohimitsinjo-Farahalana-Sambava by bike|Sambava-Ambohimitsinjo-Farahalana-Sambava]] - 56.4 kilometres  '''Diego Suarez'''* [[Diego Suarez to Ramena by bike|Diego Suarez to Ramena]] -18.787906, 4719 kilometres* [[Madiro Kitamby to Cap Diego via Windsor Castle by bike|Madiro Kitamby to Cap Diego via Windsor Castle]] - 21.24 kilometres* [[Ampasindava to Diego Suarez by bike|Ampasindava to Diego Suarez]] - 38.45640462 kilometres (including ferry from Cap Diego to Diego Suarez)* [[Diego Suarez to Cap Diego by bike|Diego Suarez to Cap Diego]] -1846.786768, 472 kilometres* [[Diego Suarez to Mantasaly by bike|Diego Suarez to Mantasaly]] - 20.45601892 kilometres* [[Diego-18Ambanja-Diego by bike|Diego Suarez to Ambanja to Diego Suarez]] - 506.78563, 4794 kilometres* [[Diego-Sambava-Diego by bike|Diego Suarez to Sambava to Diego Suarez]] - 846.45541717 kilometres* [[Diego to Ampasindava by bike|Diego Suarez to Ampasindava]] -1832 kilometres* [[Diego to Joffreville by bike|Diego Suarez to Joffreville]] - 32.784127, 4767 kilometres  '''Ambilobe to Diego Suarez'''* [[Ambilobe to Bobasakoa by bike|Ambilobe to Bobasakoa]] - 67.45468891 kilometres* [[Bobasakoa to Bobakilandy by bike|Bobasakoa to Bobakilandy]] -1837.782746, 4734 kilometres* [[Bobakilandy to Analamavaza by bike|Bobakilandy to Analamavaza]] - 36.4551637 kilometres* [[Analamavaza to Ampasindava by bike|Analamavaza to Ampasindava]] -1833.782177, 4763 kilometres* [[Ampasindava to Diego Suarez by bike|Ampasindava to Diego Suarez]] - 38.45670562 kilometres (including ferry from Cap Diego to Diego Suarez)  '''Ambanja'''* [[Ambanja - Ankify - Doany -18Ambanja by bike|Ambanja - Ankify - Doany - Ambanja]] - 52.783233, 4714 kilometres* [[Ambanja to Ambilobe by bike|Ambanja to Ambilobe]] - 102.45769284 kilometres  '''Ambanja to Beangona at the Sambirano River and back to Ambanja'''* [[Ambanja to Bemaneviky by bike|Ambanja to Bemaneviky]] -1830.785224, 4774 kilometres* [[Bemaneviky to Marotolana by bike|Bemaneviky to Marotolana]] - 30.4582574 kilometres* [[Marotolana to Beangona by bike|Marotolana to Beangona]] -1814.786727, 4732 kilometres* [[Marovato to Andranomandevy by bike|Marovato to Andranomandevy]] - 24.45786330 kilometres* [[Andranomandevy to Ambanja by bike|Andranomandevy to Ambanja]]   '''Nosy Be'''* [[Nosy_Be#Nosy_Be_Airport_to_Hell-Ville_by_bike|Nosy Be Airport to Hell-Ville]] -1812.787824, 4723 kilometres* [[Container_Bar#Hell-Ville to Container Bar and back to Hell-Ville by bike|Hell-Ville - Container Bar - Hell-Ville]] - 4.45696283 kilometres == Other bike tours == </googlemap>* [[Ferry cycling Madagascar 2014]]* [[Diego to Tana by bike]] June 2019 == Photos ==View all [[Madabike photos]] __NOTOC__