Fort Dauphin

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'''Fort-Dauphin, also known as Tôlanaro, is a charming and scenic and often windy portal town in southern Madagascar with approximately 43,000 inhabitants. The city offers a fairly wide range of hotels and the inhabitants are accustomed to tourism. There are excellent beaches complete with [[Shipwrecks_of_Fort_Dauphin|shipwrecks]].'''
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8 rooms and 6 bungalows. Located downtown, and close to the beach, bungalow . Bungalow and rooms equipped with TV, wifi, fan.<br>
Rate: 23,000 Ariary / 35,000 Ariary (2014)<br>
Contact: Ghina Josiane Aimée RABIAHARIMALALA / Pierrette RATIARIVELO<br>
Hotel with 7 rooms in the city town centre from . Rate: From 30,000 Ariary (2014).
Contact: Sirinebano H. RAZAFINDRASOA / Ehmadaly Goulamhoussen
Located in the town \u200b\u200bcentrecentre. Room rate: 52,000 Ariary. Bungalow rate: 47,000 Ariary.
Contact: Delphin ANDREAS
Hotel close the town centre with a panoramic view of Saint Louis peak, garden, close the town centre, rooms with TV, shower and bathroom, minibar. Conference facilities. Rate: 50,000
Contact: Liliane Arlette VAOHITA / Voahirana Anick MIZA
Situated at the entrance of the lagoon and village of Evatraha, near to the Lokaro Bay and the coast. Standard triple room, solar powered lighting, good fishing. <!--transfer included or not? --> Rate: 55,000 Ariary.
Contact: Patrice FLEURIE
4 rooms and 6 bungalows in a quiet area 2km from the town the centre. Rate: 16,000 Ariary.
Contact: Blandine RASOAMANANJARA
15 bungalows in the town centre 5 minutes from the beach. Some rooms have sea view and air condition or fan, TV, wifi, close to several bars and clubs.
Contact: Viviane DEWA RAMJEE
Rooms with terrace overlooking the sea with sunset, satellite TV, minibar, bathroom, air condition, room fan. Facilities include a boutique, Spa and a 25m swimming pool. Rates from \u20ac70EUR 70.
== [[Nahampoana Reserve]] ==
8 rooms available to night visitors of the [[Nahampoana Reserve|Nahampoana Park]]. Confortable Comfortable rooms with private bathroom and a shared terrace. Rate: 95,000 Ariary.
Contact: Haritina RAHARINOSY
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