Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato by bike

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The bike ride begins with a canoe crossing over a creek close to the centre of Sambava to an area where about a 10km stretch of Soavoanio's coconut plantation begins. (The price for the canoe crossing including a bike is between 1,000 Ar and 2,000 Ar.)

Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato 001.jpg

The route thereafter runs along a sandy but bikeable road often in the shade of coconut palms, passing the tiny village of Ampisasanala until reaching Antongompahitra. About 3km after Antongompahitra, cross Bemarivo. (The price for a boat including a bike is 2000 Ar.)

Bemarivo 001.jpg

About 1km after the river crossing, pass through the village of Bemanevika. (Every Sunday there's a large market in the mornings, which is especially active between March and the end of the vanilla harvesting period, usually beginning of August.

Tour data
Distance: 24.6km
Time: 4 hours, 24 minutes
Average speed: 5.6km p/hour
Minimum Elevation: 11 metres
Maximum Elevation: 20 metres
Total climb: 37 metres
Total descent: 22 metres

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