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Email: [mailto:prulabsava@gmail.com prulabsava@gmail.com]
Email: [mailto:prulabsava@gmail.com prulabsava@gmail.com]
Facebook video interview (in Malagasy): https://web.facebook.com/620756904992814/videos/775637479764542
View all [[Prulab photos]]
View all [[Prulab photos]]

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Prulab is a vanilla laboratory performing Physico-chemical humidity and vanillin analysis of vanilla, which are important properties to measures the quality of vanilla beans, vanilla cuts and vanilla powder products.

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The laboratory was founded in 2021 by Olivier Ratsimbaholison, an entrepreneur from Antananarivo with a degree in Natural Sciences. Prulab became the first independent vanilla laboratory in the SAVA region offering fast and accurate analysis for exporters and other vanilla operators wishing to determine the quality, market value and price of their products.

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The service is also available to vanilla importers in others countries that need to test the quality of the vanilla they order from Madagascar before being exported to their country. Prulab can collect samples from different exporters and submit the test results to the vanilla buyer in the importing country.

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The time to complete an analysis takes between one and two days, which includes a 10-hour ethanol heat extraction process before the final analysis and report can be prepared. The cost for each sample analysis report is 80,000 Ariary, which includes a certificate of vanillin and humidity contents.

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Prulab is located in the centre of Sambava, the capital of Madagascar's vanilla production, which along with Antalaha, Vohemar and Andapa is where most of the country's vanilla producers and exporters can be found.

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For further information, contact the Prulab team in Sambava at:

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Prulab SAVA

Contact: Olivier Ratsimbaholison

Tel: +261 (0)34 12 729 72 / +261 (0)32 64 307 60

Email: prulabsava@gmail.com

Facebook video interview (in Malagasy): https://web.facebook.com/620756904992814/videos/775637479764542

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