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Hotel Perle de la Baie is located in a quiet area downtown Diego Suarez, close to the harbour and Joffre Square. The turquoise painted, multi-storied house offers five rooms and one studio to guests. The ground floor of the house is the home of the owners Claire and Juvet and their kids.

Perle de la Baie is overlooking the world's second largest natural bay with 180° views onto Cap Diego, Windsor Castle and Ramena in the far distance. The hotel has three rooms (street view) on the top floor, sharing a large living room, verandah, kitchen, toilet and shower. Two downstairs rooms (bay view) come with shared toilet, shower and kitchen area. The furnished studio (bay view) can be rented on a monthly basis. All rooms are equipped with quality mattresses and mosquito nets. The prices for the rooms are between 15€ and 18€ a night, the studio costs 300€ a month.

The good soul of the house is Mélanie. With always a big smile on her face she will prepare breakfast on the upstairs verandah and takes care of the rooms. For dinner, Juvet (fisherman, cook and boss) will prepare fish and seafood depending on the catch of the day.

Juvet also offers excursions by pirogue (traditional sailing boat with engine) to the Emerald Sea and the large bay itself including day walks.

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Perle de la Baie

Tel: +261 (0)33 18 826 73 (mobile)


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GPS Coordinates
-12.2681338526, 49.2910142429