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Tel: +261 (0)29 22 224 84<br>
Tel: +261 (0)29 22 224 84<br>
Email: [mailto:bijouterie@pala.mg bijouterie@pala.mg]<br>
Email: [mailto:bijouterie@pala.mg bijouterie@pala.mg]<br>
View all [[PALA photos]]
View all [[PALA photos]]

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The PALA jewellers in Antananarivo, Madagascar is a gem trader with a reputation for its premium quality gemstones and handcrafted jewelry design. Established in 1922, PALA is one of the original gem traders of Indian heritage to have settled on Madagascar. Today, the PALA Group is in its third generation of business.

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There are four PALA boutiques in Antananarivo, including one in the departure lounge of the Duty Free Zone at Ivato International Airport. The main store, head office and and workshop is situated in the jewelry shopping district in the centre of the capital, just around the corner from Hotel Colbert.

Additional PALA outlets exist on Réunion Island, in Montelellier in Southern France and in central London as well as in Wembley Middlesex in the United Kingdom.

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PALA boutiques in Antananarivo

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View head office and main Bijouterie PALA boutique location in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/BQRNRcbG28z

PALA Antaninarenina, Main Boutique and Head Office
10 Rue Ratsimilaho
101 Antananarivo

Tel: +261 (0)29 22 224 84
Email: bijouterie@pala.mg


View all PALA photos

PALA Galerie Carlton (at Hotel Carlton)
Tel: +261 (0)20 22 549 25

PALA Boutique at Galerie Zoom
Tel: +261 (0)20 22 364 79

PALA Ivato International Airport (Duty Free Zone)
Ivato, Antananarivo
Tel: +261 (0)20 22 445 14

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PALA is featured on KAYAK Travel Guides For further information, visit https://www.kayak.com/Antananarivo.16091.guide

Boutiques in UK, France and on La Réunion Island

PALA Gold Box
3A Coronet Parade
Ealing Road
Wembley, Middlesex
Tel: +44 (0)208 902 3497

PALA Gold Box
Unit 4, 306-308 Green Street
London E13
Tel: +44 (0)208 552 8397

PALA France
Boulevard Jeu de Paume
Tel: +33 (0)467 927288

PALA La Réunion
58 Rue Jean-Chatel
97400 Saint-Denis
La Réunion
Tel: +262 (0) 262 21 32 88

Email: tilak.pala@gmail.com